Knitmesh Technologies launch WeldMesh TM

31 October 2022

News Item

The industry leader in knitted wire mesh products, KnitMesh Technologies, is proud to announce the launch of WeldMeshTM, a new welding technique that greatly improves the integrity of weld strength between knitted mesh, porous media, and solid metallic substrates.

WeldMeshTM was created by the company's highly trained engineers to improve joint strength by over 50% compared to previous methods. It is a remarkable feat of engineering that has increased equipment efficiency and decreased scrap for customers by as much as 25%. 

This innovative technology has limitless potential uses, but it shines brightest in the field of hydrogen production, fuel cells, automotive anti-vibration components, and filtration. WeldMeshTM can be easily automated and scaled up or down depending on production volume. Get in touch with our technical experts today to talk about your application and order samples