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Welcome to the Welsh Automotive Forum (WAF). An independent company, incorporated in 2001, to develop a common approach in achieving sustainable continuous improvement for the Automotive Industry in Wales. An industry led organisation, supported by its Members, Industry Wales and the Welsh Government. The Board of Directors comprises senior executives from the industry and Robert O'Neil is the Chief Executive.

The role of the Welsh Automotive Forum continues to deepen and widen. This places it firmly at the centre of automotive activities in Wales which befits its status as the only body which is of, as well as for, the country's automotive sector.

The industry in Wales consists of 2 niche vehicle makers, 30 Tier 1s and 1 OE Engine Plant, with a further 100 + companies in the service and supply chain, many of which are small and medium enterprises.  In total some 13,000 people in Wales are directly employed in this sector with other jobs being generated by the multiplier effect. The industry generates sales on average of £2.6billion per annum and has a combined payroll in excess of  £0.5Bn per annum.

Calling all electric vehicle supply chain companies! 

The Welsh Automotive Forum has embarked on an ambitious project on behalf of Welsh Government to identify and map those companies in Wales that currently are, or could, operate in the new Net Zero Emission Vehicle market. We are looking for any companies that currently supply the market, or have the capability, adaptability, and vision to change their process and participate in electric (or hydrogen) vehicle supply chains in the future.

Your company may already supply the internal combustion engine market or may not be involved in the automotive sector at all, but you have the competence and the capability to supply the battery technology, power electronics, electric motor, or any other side of this burgeoning industry.

Our aim long term is to bring together in Wales companies that can work together, building clusters of businesses with similar interests in the future mobility sector, one that we can market internationally and help strengthen the sector safeguard jobs. 

If you think your business should be part of this exciting future, please contact info@welshautomotiveforum.co.uk

Wales harmonizes support for power device and sensor technology

Industry, government and academia are working together in Wales to accelerate development of compound semiconductors through the world's first dedicated compound semiconductor cluster.

"For high power applications, the advanced performance offered by compound semiconductors make them essential for smaller and lighter components allowing extended ranges for EVs," says Chris Meadows, director of CSconnected, a trade association for organizations in the sector.

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"Cummins-New Power (formerly Meritor), who are based in Cwmbran, have some exciting developments in the commercial vehicle sector. "

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