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    Wolf Productivity Limited are Industrial Engineering and productivity improvement specialists. We have 60 years experience in the automotive industry with over 30 years experience in Industrial Engineering.
    We were both apprentice electricians with Ford Motor Company. After completing our apprenticeships we became maintenance electricians on various production lines at Bridgend Engine Plant. David become an Industrial Engineer in 2001 and was promoted to the Senior Industrial Engineer role responsible for all industrial engineering aspects for the entire plant in 2003. Dan joined the Industrial engineering team in 2008. He spent 3 years as a Forward Planning Process Engineer before returning to the industrial engineering team to help launch the Dragon Engine in 2017
    We specialize in making efficiency / productivity improvements to manufacturing processes either manual processes or machining line processes. We provide all aspects of Industrial engineering.

    Work Standard Development (used to visualize the actual utilization of each worker or machine)
    Line Rebalancing (carried out when a production line is not performing to the expected performance rate)
    Forward Planning / Headcount Forecasting (essential is aligning headcount with production plans to ensure target outputs are met)
    Constraint Analysis (used to identify bottlenecks in a manufacturing process)
    Ergonomic Assessments & Compliance ( carried out to ensure manual handling tasks meet the latest HSE guidelines and reduce the risk of injury to the person carrying out the task)

    New Installation Setup ( Ensures that new facilities progress from planning, build, installation, production ramp up into full volume production).
    Capacity Analysis (Study to calculate actual line performance and output volumes. Actual & theoretical)
    Log Studies ( Production process studies used to identify throughput issues on a facility. Also carried out to confirm changes made have been successful)
    On the job training. (training provided to help companies keep the skills in house)
    External reporting. Data and calculation setup (used when performance reports need to be displayed outside of the manufacturing facility).

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