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    KnitMesh Technologies produces a wide range of automotive components from knitted wire mesh. Most components are produced from knitted stainless steel wire, although other materials including galvanised wire, precious metals, and composites are also used. The knitted wire mesh can either be supplied in sheet form, or, more usually, is pressed into specific components required by the customer.
    Automotive products include:

    Exhaust clamp gaskets
    Silencer and muffler packing
    Anti slosh mesh
    Spacer rings and gap seals
    Electrochemistry electrodes and membrane spacers
    Catalytic converter wraps and seals
    Airbag inflator filters
    Flexible coupling sleeves
    Alloy wheel filters
    Bump stops (formula One)
    Anti vibration and sound attenuation components
    Isolators for heat shields
    Engine breathers
    EGR clamps and split rings
    Rapid actuator filters

    The business is over 50% export.

    General Information

    No. of Employees:

    Up to 150

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    ISO14001,ISO9000 Series