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    Electrical drive systems, materials research, product design and development and much, much more…

    Deregallera Ltd, started operations in 2011 and are based in Caerphilly South Wales. The company strives for a safer, healthier future for humanity, born of innovation and progress in technology – that’s what inspires Deregallera to undertake research and development, creating new systems for future vehicles as well as energy storage.

    Deregallera offers an innovative, and environmentally considerate take on:
    • Vehicle motors research and development
    • Vehicle Controls and HMI’s
    • Electric motors and drive systems
    • Electric vehicle batteries - energy storage

    Deregallera Ltd is dedicated to creating new realities from fresh ideas.

    The Company can synthesise new energy generating and vehicle battery materials to see if they live up to theoretical expectations, and then work to improve and perfect those materials and concepts that are safe to use, safe to source and safe to dispose of – all the while offering performance that’s genuinely ahead of the curve.

    Their Caerphilly facility features all the hardware needed to Manufacture, Test and Develop wildly inventive new materials, motors and power electronics systems… with an eye to real-world applications.

    Working in partnership with leading UK Universities and contracted to the UK Government, the business also has dedicated access to incredible supercomputing power; their dynamic team is made up of – 21 electrical and mechanical engineers, theoretical and experimental physicists, programmers and systems designers.

    Deregallera recruits the very best and brightest British and International talent, to help customers get a genuine step ahead of their competition.

    Deregallera Specialises in:

    Design engineering, manufacture of innovative electric motors & drives systems, power electronics, materials research, advanced theoretical physics, experimental physics, and advanced batteries and HMI’s

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