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    Clenergy EV enables you to manage, monitor and monetise your electric vehicle charge points. Thanks to hardware agnostic Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) software, we offer clients full flexibility when building their charger estate.

    Our charge point management system gives charge point owners, operators, management companies and installers complete control from one platform. Fleet owners can also benefit from integrated vehicle tracking and smart scheduling systems.

    Clenergy EV software is suitable for charge points in any use case - workplace charging, destination charging, public charging, large scale residential or fleet charging. We also work with small niche electric vehicles to larger refuse lorries, using AC slow chargers to DC ultra-rapid chargers at 350kW.

    Some of our clients include Swansea and Carmarthenshire council, Schneider Electric, GSK, and Wincanton Group.

    For EV Drivers of the general public, we have a wide ranging charge point network that stretches across the UK, with over 300 chargers in Wales.

    Our aim at Clenergy EV is to provide simple, fair, and accessible electric vehicle charging - all from one platform.

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    Up to 150

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    ISO14001,ISO9000 Series