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    High Pressure Die Casting
    CastAlumhas ten fully-automated high pressure diecasting cells in the range of 1,000 - 2,000 tonne locking-force. Each cell has its own integral bulk-melting tower furnace to ensure that the correct quantity of metal is always on hand.

    Recyclable material from the trim press is fed directly back into the furnace, eliminating any possibility of contamination between different grades of aluminium. This process is highly suited to complex thin-walled castings. Core products made from this process include Steering Gear Housings and Transmission Housings.

    Squeeze Casting
    In addition, CastAlum has three fully automated cells for the manufacture of indirect squeeze castings in aluminium.

    Core products made from this process include Steering Knuckles and Power Take-off Covers and Housings.

    In 2009, CastAlum built a dedicated machine shop within the existing Welshpool facility to provide a full-service to new and existing customers alike. The machining area benefits from a clean climate-controlled air supply and is supported by dedicated CMM, Pressure Testing and Gauging areas.

    Additive Material Technology
    CastAlum additive capability is our inhouse metal additive manufacturing facility allowing the design, manufacture and final machining of complex components in a range of different metals, such as tool steel and aluminium, with the ability of producing one off prototypes. The cutting edge of three dimensional metal printing.

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    Shot blasting
    X-ray and other NDT

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