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    Formed in 1996, Analogue & Micro Ltd supplies electronic design services, consultancy and manufacture to a wide range of customers and markets including defence and aerospace.

    Our electronic design services and support range from embedded systems to bespoke modules, focused primarily on Linux implementations. We have extensive and proven industry experience of microprocessor and FPGA architectural solutions for:-

    • Industrial networking
    • Machine vision
    • Interfacing and controls
    • Automotive CAN and MilCAN
    • Modbus
    • Wireless networking and communications
    • Instrumentation

    Analogue & Micro have been involved in numerous developments in the defence sector, supplying complex electronic control panels and monitoring systems. These products have ranged from single board computers for aerospace, to full systems and enclosures designed to withstand the rigours of land based defence systems in compliance with Def Stan standards for EMC, power and environmental. We also have experience in electronic safety based design to IEC 61508 for both hardware, firmware and software.

    Products & Services:
    Analogue & Micro Ltd offer consultancy and full turnkey design and manufacturing services for complex electronic systems based on 32-bit and 64-bit embedded processing platforms and open source Linux development environments. Our services include:-

    • Electronic hardware design
    • Embedded software development
    • FPGA development and verification
    • Mechanical design
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Systems and product development to IEC 61508
    • Safety, environmental, legislative compliance and consultancy service
    • Procurement and sourcing service
    • Electronic manufacture and box build to IPC J-STD-001, class 3
    • Cable manufacturing to IPC-620-A, class 3
    • Product testing and test system development
    • Worldwide shipping and logistics including export controls

    Our hardware and software design expertise is as follows:-

    • Embedded 32/64 bit micro-processor development
    • Digital video systems
    • Analogue design
    • Industrial networking systems
    • DC Power supply design
    • Electronic circuit design using Cadence Capture CIS
    • Multi-layered printed circuit design using Cadence Allegro
    • Embedded Linux systems
    • Yocto Linux tool chains and BSP
    • VHDL design, synthesis and verification
    • RTOS and bare metal scheduler development
    • Deterministic MilCAN systems
    • Design for EMC, environmental and legislative compliance
    • MISRA compliant software development
    • Safety development to IEC 61508
    • Embedded Linux development
    • U-Boot development
    • Yocto/Poky toolchain and BSP
    • PTXdist tools
    • RTOS development
    • Bare metal schedulers
    • OpenWRT
    • Android development
    • VHDL and Verilog design, verification and linting
    • Software update mechanisms
    • Secure boot and TEE development and deployment
    • Mechanical design

    General Information

    No. of Employees:

    Up to 150

    Year Established: