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To request to join the Welsh Automotive Forum please complete the below form or for further information please contact us using the details provided.

Please note that all membership applications are to be approved by the WAF Board

Membership Criteria

To be eligible for membership of the Welsh Automotive Forum you must have a place of business in Wales and be involved in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Organisations that help support the automotive manufacturing industry are also eligible.  These include Financial Institutions, Consultants, Universities, Colleges and Research Centres.

Reasons for joining the Welsh Automotive Forum  

The Welsh Automotive Forum has, over the years, built significant relationships with key industry figures, purchasing and technical teams and is an Associate Member of the SMMT.

WAF represents the automotive sector in Wales at the UK Automotive Council's Supply Chain Group Work streams, providing a powerful voice and gaining first hand knowledge and data regarding the industry. WAF is also a Member of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), now seen as a key partner in the development of new technologies and prototype production.

A major part of WAF's work is to keep the Membership informed of technical and supply chain challenges and opportunities. We achieve this via Newsletters, website, regional meetings hosted by WAF Members; one to one visits; an annual supply chain conference / exhibition and an annual Networking Dinner.

The establishment of a Welsh Automotive Forum enables Members to have a platform, through which their views and requests can be heard, information can be disseminated, and actions taken.

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