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    Wall Colmonoy Ltd (WCL) has been established in Pontardawe for 45 years, a subsidiary of Wall Colmonoy Corporation (a USA based family business with a 75 year history). WCL is an advanced materials manufacturing company with world class metallurgical technical capability and a 200 strong experienced workforce. WCL specialises in the design, development and manufacture of Nickel and Cobalt hard surfacing and brazing alloys and their applications. WCL manufactures powdered alloys, brazing pastes, castings (investment, sand and centrifugal), precision machined components and has a specialised Aerobraze Engineered Technologies business unit (AET) with expertise in fuse welding, PTA and HVOF deposition processes; vacuum brazing, vacuum heat treatment; fluoride cleaning, welding and repair of aircraft turbine engine components. WCL is ISO14001, ISO9001, AS9100 accredited and its AET business unit is NADCAP approved for Vacuum Brazing, Vacuum Heat Treatment, Fusion Welding, possesses specific Rolls Royce approvals and MIL145 accreditation. WCL is a major exporter and serves an international customer base in the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, glass, food, steel and nuclear industries throughout Europe, MENA, South Africa and India

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