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    H.O.S Innovations is a recently formed company that is working with the government, support bodies and organisations and academia on several projects to assist in the saving of lives through:

    SPEED Enforcer A.C.E is an invention that can help to stop/reduce automotive accidents and loss of lives.

    H.O.S are close to completing a device (again with the help of the government, Police authorities, DVSA and the Automotive sector) to safely, easily and quickly bring to a stop or prevent high-speed police chases.

    S.M.Eye C.A.M is an invention that can overcome blind spots.

    H.O.S are close to completing a device (that is cheap and simple to adopt) to address the European mandates due to come into force by 2022 to overcome blind spots on vehicles.

    General Information

    No. of Employees:

    Up to 150

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