One World, One Tri-Wall

30 March 2017

During its start-up in the 1960s, TWEL was a business primarily focused on targeting those within the automotive, defence and industrial sectors. In the decades since, the South Wales-based organisation has refined its service offering to incorporate strategically customised solutions suitable for a large cross-section of clients (including trade customers and major OEMs).

Courtesy of its extensive network of dedicated Fabricators and partners working around the UK and Europe, TWEL, which occupies premises in Monmouth and the Netherlands, can effectively fulfil even the most demanding of packaging needs with ease and efficiency. As part of the renowned Tri-Wall Group, the business has access to innovative research & development resources, first-rate manufacturing facilities and stringent product testing processes.

Although TWEL's specialism relates largely to bespoke packaging, standard products such as corrugated pallets and hazardous goods packs can also be supplied. If during the design stage it becomes apparent that another component is required then the team of skilful engineers can effectively conceptualise and produce a suitable add-on for the given application.

"The name Tri-Wall is synonymous with industrial packaging, we specialise in the provision of solutions specifically designed to make life easier for the customer," commented Stuart Rose, Sales Manager at Tri-Wall Europe Ltd. "We can deliver a high quality service in a timely manner, engineering packaging innovations that can take extremely heavy weights whilst fitting the space available and making for a more effective transit process. As a company with a global reach and a local supply, our values are important to us and we pride ourselves on being an ethical solutions provider."

After an on-site visit the TWEL team can get a better idea of an organisation's operational structure and how they can best enhance the overall supply chain with an optimal system developed for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. Taking into consideration all associated aspects - such as assembly time, ease of loading & unloading, distribution, shipping, disposal and environmental factors - TWEL can find ways to simplify and improve upon the whole logistics cycle (ways which will inevitably meet the expectations and standards of the customers' management team).

TWEL has recently announced its plans to further invest in its UK manufacturing facility as part of a significant £3m project which is a clear commitment by its recently acquired parent company, the Japanese corrugated manufacturer Rengo. This development, which will enable the site to increase its capacity in line with the ongoing business demand, will be rolled out this year following the success of 2016.

"The buyout by Rengo is a huge positive for us moving forward," Stuart told us. "This big investment, which will take place over the next 12-18 months, will make a significant difference to our company as it will enable us to improve even further upon our already high service and quality levels."

"Our aim is to help our customers to grow their businesses, as well as our own, by optimising the whole of their supply chain."

If you would like to enquire about a purpose-built corrugated packaging solution which will bring multiple benefits to your business then please contact TWEL today. Making the most out of your storage and inventory space whilst increasing your profitability has never been easier with the dependable and cost-competitive packaging, packing and workflow solutions available from this globally appreciated supplier.

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