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    Founded in 2015, The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) is a joint venture between IQE plc and Cardiff University to underpin the creation of a unique global capability for emerging 21st century technologies based on Compound Semiconductor materials.

    The CSC represents a unique opportunity to build on the UKs creativity and excellence in research to develop an innovative eco-system to commercialize next generation enabling technologies, and is a vital milestone towards developing a World-class Compound Semiconductor Cluster in the UK.

    CSC’s vision is to provide Europe's first prototyping facility dedicated to allowing businesses and academics to demonstrate new technologies based on Compound Semiconductor materials that will be production ready - allowing rapid routes to market entry for entrepreneurs and technology leaders. In addition, the Centre has a mission to facilitate a wide range of training and skills development to support a growing demand for Compound Semiconductor based technologies

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    Up to 150

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